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and Facilities* 

*The location is fully rented, regardless of the number of people
(House of Peace + House of Joy + Shepherd's Bath)

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the house of peace


  • 3 bedrooms (1 bedroom downstairs, 2 bedrooms upstairs)

  • 1 living room with 1 smart peasant sofa (2 mattresses)

  • 1 bathroom on the ground floor 

  • 1 service bathroom upstairs

  • 1 porch along the house with a separate entrance for each room of ground floor


  • private parking - detour in our language 

  • wireless phone/watch/headset charging areas

  • smart TV in the living area 

  • fiber optic internet / wi-fi 

  • smart home lock – app based access 

  • bathroom equipped with a smart mirror (apps, video call, shower news :p etc)

  • smart table - Lorin Iancu's invention

  • switches visible at night Lüster Manufacture

  • wi-fi/bluetooth intelligent convector heating

  • stoves/fireplaces on the ground floor

  • smart light bulbs (warm light / cold light)

  • shower with thermostat

  • toilets with UV disinfection

  • hairdryer 

  • cosmetic items offered by the company SYNERGY THERM

  • free toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush, etc.)

  • bathrobes, towels (650 g/m2)

  • Hilton Continental bed linen (250 TC, 160 g/m2) Euro Cleaning

  • pillows and orthopedic / anti-allergic mattresses


  • 1 smart traditional kitchen 

  • 1 terrace with seating area, 8 cooking areas and bar

  • 1 service bathroom 

  • 1 pantry with everything


The terrace of the smart shepherd with:

  • cooking area (oven on the hearth, grill, stirrer, cauldron)

  • reading area / hammock

  • seating area with wireless charger and smart drink cooler / application 

  • dining area (capacity – 12 people)

  • cooking area with video recipes played on Inovi hologram

  • bar area 

  • service bathroom functional in the warm season

  • smart bulbs (warm light / cold light)

Smart kitchen-stable with:

  • cooking area (peasant stove with spur, ler and glazed hearth, fire plate, 


  • smart oven with touch screen and HD video camera inside)

  • glass wall with liquid crystal foilinnovator

  • switches visible at night

  • wireless audio system/Bluetooth 

  • 1 bed next to the stove

  • dining area - capacity - 8 people

  • coffee machine / tray with everything a la Conacu' Iancu + freshly roasted coffee at your discretion

  • sockets/trash basket built into the cooking surface 

  • smart faucet with digital display with pure water, filtered by Nazzuro Aqua by osmosis reverse

  • crockery / cutlery / glasses /cooking tools/pots etc.

  • disinfection products

Copia fișierului DSC09386.jpg

the house of joy

Copia fișierului DSC05540-HDR_edited.jpg


LAYOUT & facilities

  • 1 bubble bath and water filter - capacity 6 to 8 people

  • traditional see-through well by Nazzuro Aqua

  • 1 shepherd’s rooftop with 360 view

  • massage table on request

  • outdoor fire place 

  • outdoor cooking table 

  • yard with orchard of fruit trees, 3000 square meters 

  • vegetable garden (in season) 

  • wireless audio system 

and availability

​*The location is fully rented (the house of peace + the house of joy + the shepherd's spa area & yard)


  • 1 hr

    150 de lei românești
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